Kaoruko Teams Up With gu^2 for Wavy New Single “Tentacruel”

Kaoruko Teams Up With gu^2 for Wavy New Single

Japan-based hip-hop artist Kaoruko has been making some waves online today with the release of her all-new single “Tentacruel”. Uploaded onto her Soundcloud earlier tonight, the new single features frequent collaborator gu^2 on production with a music video teaser dropped alongside the announcement via her Twitter. Both are available to peek below:

While I admittedly wasn’t familiar with Kaoruko’s works prior to tonight, that’s definitely something that’ll be changing in no time. I’m definitely not too late either, with “Tentacruel” being Kaoruko’s second release to date, as well as her second time working with gu^2. Speaking of the two of them working together, there really is something to be said about the production chemistry between both artists. The combination of Kaoruko’s vocals with gu^2’s processing and production is incredible and has directly been the causation of this track being on loop for the last few hours.

The music video is extremely what I’d expect accompanying this song, and I hope it isn’t too much longer before the full video is uploaded to Kaoruko’s YouTube channel.

While I mentioned that I wasn’t necessarily familiar with Kaoruko’s work prior to tonight, it’s a very different story for Trekkie Trax frequent gu^2. It was actually through his tweet that I stumbled across this track, something I’m very grateful for. But while “Tentacruel” is quite different from gu^2’s usual bass-driven sounds, I definitely would love to see even more from him in this style and hope that both him and Kaoruko keep this going for quite some time.

With a full music video hopefully set to drop sometime soon, as well as her all-new single out now, you’ll definitely want to be keeping an eye on Kaoruko throughout 2019. You can find her across the web on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Oh, and of SoundCloud of course.

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