‘Karakuri Circus’ Voice Actors Offer Guided Tour of Anime’s Locations in France

Karakuri Circus anime pilgramige tour banner

It’s been a while since we last heard anything from Studio VOLN’s ongoing anime adaptation of Toshiki Inoue’s Karakuri Circus. It’s anime announcement leaked around this time last year, but I haven’t exactly seen much hype for the show since it began airing. James Beckett over at Anime News Network doesn’t seem to have exactly enjoyed reviewing the show each week, either. Yet, there must be at least some support for the show over in Japan, as plans for a grand Karakuri Circus-themed tour package in Paris, France were revealed today.

The story of Karakuri Circus mostly takes place in Paris, France, although it does end up going to some rather far-flung places in turn. Inoue was also certainly influenced by French culture in creating the series, which is obvious when you look at the sheer amount of French naming conventions present in the story.

That being said, this new tour is being launched in tandem with the anime moving on to a new story arc set on and around the island community of Mont St. Michel, in the region of Normandy. Those who go on the tour will be able to take a guided tour of the historic commune, led by the actual voice actors of protagonist Masaru Saiga and Guy Christopher Rech, Chihiro Ueda and Nozomu Sasaki respectively.

Guests will stay in a Paris hotel for 3 nights, with the trip itself taking 5 days in total from August 7 to August 11 because of the long flight from Narita Airport to Paris. Aside from the Mont St. Michel trip, guests will also have a lot of free time to explore the cultural hub that is Paris, or attend other special events with the voice actors if they wish.

Japan’s relationship with Paris has always been an interesting one, as some Japanese people go over there on vacation and only their expectations spectacularly shattered in a phenomenon known as “Paris syndrome.” Perhaps going there in the hopes of doing some thoroughly Japanese anime pilgrimage or seichijunrei will help avert such a risk.

Organized anime pilgrimage trips are becoming more and more popular as the hobby itself increases in popularity, with the Yuru Camp series recently launching its own anime pilgrimage trip to Yamanashi prefecture. But going somewhere in Japan is one thing; organizing an overseas trip must be a big undertaking. So perhaps while reception to Karakuri Circus has been muted in the west, it might be doing a little bit better in its own country.

The trip will cost 468,800 yen for a standard class ticket and 492,800 yen for a “superior class” ticket. This price includes flights, hotels, and breakfast, with the only difference between the two tickets being a better hotel for the larger price. You can find more information via the H.I.S website, the company responsible for organizing the trip.

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