Here’s Kengan Ashura’s Latest Blood Pumping Trailer

Here's Kengan Ashura's Latest Blood Pumping Trailer

Kengan Ashura is coming to Netflix with the force of a wild stampeding bull. The streaming service’s worldwide exclusive 3DCG martial arts anime is set to go online July 31st. Heavily inspired by Baki The Grappler, who’s latest anime adaption is not only a Netflix exclusive outside of Japan but also highly recommended, Kengan Ashura features nothing but a whole lot of muscle and ass-kicking. I’m still not sure why Netflix has been so supportive of the budding Muscle Boys genre of anime but I welcome it. They’ve been kind enough to upload a new pulsating promo featuring the show’s theme ‘King & Ashley’ by MY FIRST STORY.

Artist Daromeon and writer Yabako Sandrovich finished their run of the original manga a little while back but have since followed it up with Kengan Omega. With its second manga series underway and first anime on the horizon, now’s a good time to get into the series. The story follows a particularly mysterious Muscle Boy who goes by the nickname Ashura. He’s called to fight in a series of matches called Kengan in which wealthy patrons bet on the outcome. No weapons are allowed. It’s all a combination of brute strength, trained technique, and honed instincts.

A favorite underrated director of mine is bringing the series to life as well. Seiji Kishi has been responsible for a number of really good anime; Angel Beats and Asobi Asobase to name a few. He also directed the controversial Persona 4 The Animation and Dangan Ronpa 3, both of which I personally stand by. When it comes to adoptions, he has a knack for understanding what people like about the original manga/game and tries his best to bring those elements to the screen. I hope I’m safe in assuming Kengan Ashura is safe in his hands.

Kengan Ashura hits Netflix worldwide July 31.

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