Hikaru Utada is Returning to Sing ‘Kingdom Hearts III’ Theme

What would a Kingdom Hearts game be without the silky-smooth voice of Japanese-American mega-star Hikaru Utada singing the theme song? An element almost inseparable from the games themselves — Square Enix has decided to ask her to lend her voice to craft an iconic ballad once again for the Disney crossover, Tetsuya Nomura-led RPG series’ third entry, scheduled to release at last this year.

Hikaru Utada will be singing both the English and Japanese versions of the game’s theme. In English, it will be known as “Don’t Think Twice.” Check out a short preview below!


In Japanese, the name of the tune is “Chikai,” which can be translated to mean “Oath.”


In addition,  Square Enix revealed that there will be a brand-new Monsters Inc.-themed world in Kingdom Hearts III. It’s featured in the trailer below, and Sora’s form in that world is a sight to behold indeed.


So there you have it — an absolute bombshell’s worth of announcements from D23 Expo Japan. What do you think of Hikaru Utada’s latest? When Kingdom Hearts III launches later this year for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, will it have that same cultural impact as the first two mainline games? Accompanied with a theme as strong as the previews tease, I imagine we’ll have a clear winner on our hands.

Images: Disney, Square Enix

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