Kimagure Orange Road & More Join Crunchyroll’s Anime Lineup

Kimagure Orange Road & More Join Crunchyroll's Anime Lineup

Crunchyroll really came through with the goods today, announcing that Osamu Kobayashi’s incredible anime adaptation of Kimagure Orange Road was being added to their ever-expanding catalog. Not just this, but a small handful of other classic titles would also be joining it effective immediately, setting up the perfect scenario for our Friday night. Coming in at a total of four new titles added to Crunchyroll’s streaming service, from today subscribers can begin watching Photon the Idiot Adventures, Psybuster, The Adventures of the Little Prince, and Kimagure Orange Road. All of this is very good and is definitely a trend that I’d love to see continued from the streaming service.

For those of our readers in North America, you’ve probably had access to these shows for quite some time via Discotek; but with Crunchyroll adding them to their streaming service, a whole new global audience of anime fans can finally enjoy them. Being a huge fan of the Kimagure Orange Road manga, I’ll definitely be prepping myself for viewing at some point tonight. The best part is, Crunchyroll has made the entirety of the OVA available on top of the full 48-episode television anime. Outside of that, the most recognizable title on the lineup is The Adventures of the Little Prince, at least for me. So yeah, if we can continue to see Crunchyroll working together with Discotek to release more and more classic content from their catalog, I’d dare say I’d be more than happy.

For those interested in checking out any of these four new series added to Crunchyroll’s streaming service, be sure to visit Crunchyroll’s official website.

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