SNK Shows Off King of Fighters XV and Gives It a 2021 Release

King of Fighters XV logo

It’s been almost five years since we’ve last seen a completely new entry in SNK‘s The King of Fighters franchise. That is about to come to an end as the developer today showed off some gameplay footage of the upcoming The King of Fighters XV. I mean, we didn’t really get to see much, but the developers did have some good things to say about the upcoming title and when we should expect to see it hit store shelves and digital storefronts.

The King of Fighters franchise is one of the main players in the fighting gaming scene with over 20 years of history behind it. The last entry to the series, The King of Fighters XIV was a fantastic game, but considering the title is almost five years old and still relying on 2D sprites, the game feels dated and old. But that’s all going to change with The King of Fighters XV as the game has shifted to fully rendered 3D characters as well as fully rendered 3D backgrounds. The title looks beautiful and the developers have even stated that they’re ‘taking their time’ with the game because they want it to provide the best possible experience.

We didn’t get to see much of the title, but if you’re interested in seeing what the developers had to say in its entirety, you can check the video above. The King of Fighters XV is slated for a release sometime in 2021 on an undisclosed console. Could this be the PlayStation 5’s first heavy-hitting fighting game?

Mai from King of Fighters XV

SNK will be providing more info about the upcoming The King of Fighters XV title next week, so maybe we’ll have an answer then. In the meantime, let’s just take a minute to realize how beautiful the game looks.

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