Kingdom Hearts III Has Sold Over 5 Million Copies Across the Globe

Kingdom Hearts 3 Ships 5 Million Copies Worldwide

It’s finally out. After years of development and even more years of anticipation, the general public has finally been able to get their hands on Kingdom Hearts III. The tenth installment In the long-running franchise, there was no denying the buzz even before any official figures had been released that the game would be a success. There were discussions all over social media surrounding the game, every new trailer increasing the excitement fans had for the upcoming release. Hikaru Utada even earned her first Billboard Top 100 placement due to her song being used as the theme tune for this game. It seemed inevitable that the game would sell well, but a recent tweet shared by the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account confirmed just how popular this game really is.

In the tweet posted by the account earlier today, Square Enix confirmed that worldwide shipments for the title had surpassed 5 million. While it is unclear whether digital sales for the game have been included in this figure, the reality is that, whether they are included or not, these sales figures are incredibly impressive. When considered within the context of the series’ performance more broadly the scale of the success becomes even more apparent. The last reported sales figures for Kingdom Hearts II up until March 31, 2007, placed worldwide sales of that title at 4 million units. These new figures released today suggest that this new game, in the space of just over 1 week, has been able to surpass the sales of the previous numbered title in the series.

These high sales for the newest game in the series are nothing less than the game deserves in my view. Kingdom Hearts III is an incredibly fun and enjoyable experience that also serves as a conclusion to a story many people have been invested in for so long. After years of being disregarded due to the plethora of secondary titles in the series on handheld and mobile devices, this new game has brought the series back to the forefront of people’s attention. It deserves nothing less.

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