Square Enix Release One More Gameplay Trailer Ahead of Kingdom Hearts III’s Launch

Square Enix Release One More Trailer Ahead of Kingdom Hearts III's Launch

With just days to go before the Western release of Kingdom Hearts III, and with the game having just released in Japan, it’s finally time to play. That’s a sentence that feels a little surreal to be writing after all this time. While many trailers up until this point have built up the upcoming game’s story and worlds, gameplay has been present but not prominent in most of them. With the game just days away now, though, Square Enix has chosen to release one more trailer ahead of the launch that places the focus entirely on the gameplay portion of the experience.

The trailer acts as an introduction to the style of gameplay that you can expect to find when booting the game up, serving as more of an introduction to what to expect for series newbies while mentioning some new additions compared to previous titles. Starting off with a summarization of what a keyblade is and who can wield them, the trailer goes on to explain how a new addition to the series is the ability for these weapons to transform at will, alongside being able to equip multiple keyblades one switch between them on the fly.

The trailer goes on to explain magic, summons, team up attacks with other Disney characters and attractions, a new mechanic within this title inspired by classic Disney park rides, that combined with the Keyblade make up the game’s battle system, before celebrating the return of the gummy ship. Finally, the trailer brings up the multitude of mini-games, from the 100 Acre Wood to Game-and-Watch-inspired experiences based on classic cartoons. For those players who have downloaded the mobile game, Kingdom Hearts Union X, they have already been able to experience a sample of these after they were added to the game, and reaching certain score thresholds in each game allows players to receive a download code for a new Keyblade within the new console game. Admittedly, based on these teasers within Union X, these aren’t all that fun to play, but they’re neat additions nonetheless.

This trailer provides little in terms of new information to quench the salivating hunger of fans of the series for the next few days before the game’s release, yet I would personally say this proves to be an accessible introduction to the gameplay for newcomers to the series. Now let me play it already!

Kingdom Hearts III releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 25 in Japan and January 29 elsewhere.

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