Square Enix Releases Preview to ‘Kingdom Hearts III’ Opening Movie

Square Enix Releases Preview to 'Kingdom Hearts III' Opening Movie

At the end of November, Square Enix promised eager Kingdom Hearts fans three trailers promoting the upcoming release of Kingdom Hearts III during the month of December, with the first set to arrive on December 10th. That date has now arrived in Japan and, just as planned, Square Enix chose to release a brand new trailer for the game on YouTube, consisting of the first 90 seconds of the game’s opening movie.

The opening movie begins with Sora overlooking a water-covered vista while a younger Xehanort is looking into a starry sky while sitting in front of a chessboard. Following this and for the remainder of the trailer, the chess pieces are used to recreate a variety of scenes and major story moments from previous Kingdom Hearts titles in chronological order leading up to the events of Kingdom Hearts III, remade in this game’s new visual style.

One other new thing about this trailer is the music, as this video also gives fans the first opportunity to hear a new song titled “Face My Fears”, a previously-announced collaborative tune by Utada Hikaru and Skrillex which, following this trailer, was also made available for pre-order. It was also revealed that by ordering this song fans will also be granted instant access to the other new Utada Hikaru track produced for the game and used during previous trailers, Don’t Think Twice”.

This new preview should excite fans looking forward to the game’s release on January 29, 2019. Provided that previously-announced plans remain in place, it won’t be much longer before we receive another trailer for this highly-anticipated sequel. Square Enix is clearly ramping up excitement for this new game as it’s launch date draws ever-closer, and we’ll be sure to report on any more announcements regarding this game as they happen too.

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