New Action-Packed Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Surfaces Online

Kingdom Hearts III

As excitement continues to build around the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts 3, set to release on January 29, 2019, we’ve begun to see a steady uptick in new trailers teasing what’s in store for players when they finally get a hold of this title in the new year. Today is no different, as another trailer has been released by Square Enix showcasing more new content from the game.


This trailer is rather different in tone to those that came before it, adopting the tone of a Hollywood blockbuster trailer instead of the Hikaru Utada-backed dialogue-heavy teasers that have come before. In turn, the content of this trailer is rather different too, as this time the story takes a back seat in place of a massive showcase of some of the set-piece boss battles players can come to expect once the game launches.

The trailer starts by introducing some of the massive bosses Sora will have to face in the new Big Hero 6 world as well as in the returning Olympus Colosseum level, before quickly cycling through elements from a variety of the worlds the player will be able to visit that were already previously revealed, including Tangled, Toy Story, Pirates of the Caribbean and Frozen. One thing that continues to impress throughout this trailer is the level of detail on display as it comes eerily close to emulating the movies they’re based upon, with scenes such as the lantern festival from Tangled rendered in impressive detail.

With Tetsuya Nomura already having stated that the number of trailers would increase as we got closer and closer to launch, expect to see more snippets of the game before this title releases at the end of January. Especially with the announcement that the game has now gone gold.

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