Kingdom Hearts III Receives New ‘Winnie the Pooh’ Trailer

Kingdom Hearts III Winnie The Pooh

Square Enix has been going completely in on the trailers for Kingdom Hearts III lately, and the latest “Winnie the Pooh Trailer” only further adds to that ever-growing list of previews. Shared via the Kingdom Hearts YouTube channel over the weekend, the latest footage plays out to the tune of Hikaru Utada’s emotional “Don’t Think Twice”, dashing through a number of different worlds with a message of friendship.

With the sheer amount of trailers showcased ahead of the January 25 release of Kingdom Hearts III, it’s honestly surprising that they can pack so much unseen content into them, yet here we are. I wrote in my last piece about the “Tangled Trailer”, and probably again in the “Big Hero 6” trailer that I wouldn’t be surprised if trailers slowed down ahead of the launch trailer, but maybe I was completely wrong. I’m as optimistic and excited as ever about Kingdom Hearts III, and I can’t wait to finally get my hands on it when the game finally releases.

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