U-Treasure Accepting Pre Orders for ‘Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep’ Wayfinder Bracelets and Necklaces

U-Treasure Accepting Pre Orders for ‘Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep’ Wayfinder Bracelets and Necklaces

Kingdom Hearts III is just one week away and the excitement for the game is reaching fever pitch. Not only is a lot of attention being shone onto the upcoming title but a lot of time is being spent celebrating the series and its long and beloved history. We have an exhibition ongoing at Tokyo Skytree, we just today saw the announcement of a new worldwide symphony concert tour for the series and, alongside this, the news of a collaboration with Japanese jewelry company U-Treasure for a special line of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep bracelets.

These new pieces of character jewelry are based on the Wayfinders that Aqua made for Terra and Ventus, alongside the one she made for herself. These can be bought as either a necklace or a bracelet with a set of additional charms that can be attached to the metal chain. For the chain, you have a choice of a silver chain or an 18-karat white gold chain, depending on how much you’re willing to spend. The Wayfinder itself is made using a technique called Cloisonné, a technique involving firing glass powder within a furnace and is a traditional technique that’s been in use for centuries.

One thing is for sure, looking at the display images for these pieces of jewelry, these are quite pretty pieces that would not only showcase your love for the series but remain suitably subtle insofar as that they could be worn for any occasion.

Of course, to wear it you will need to be available to afford it. The silver chain version of each Wayfinder will cost 18,000 yen including tax for both the bracelet and the necklace. If you were wanting the 18-karat white gold variants, however, the price jumps to 108,000 yen for the bracelet and 129,600 yen for the necklace. Pre-orders are now open on the company’s official website alongside the ability to purchase the range of other pieces of Kingdom Hearts jewelry they already have available for sale.

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