Kirby Cafe Entering a Second Chapter with Updated Menu in February

Kirby Cafe Entering a Second Chapter with Updated Menu in February

The Kirby Cafe in Tokyo re-opened in September 2018 within Tokyo Skytree, offering a wide selection of food themed around the Kirby series. Not only that, alongside a delicious selection of food on offer, the cafe itself is themed around the franchise and also offers a variety of exclusive pieces of Kirby merchandise to purchase. If you’re a fan of the franchise, it’s a must-visit restaurant dedicated to the cute pink blob. From February 27, the cafe will be expanding its offerings, closing for a short period from February 18 before reopening with an updated menu and expanded merchandise offering.

The current menu on offer by the cafe allows patrons to eat salads, burgers with pink buns, curry and more, each themed around levels or characters from the series. For example, the ‘Wispy Woods Rustling Feast Plate’ includes Spinach Cream Pasta, Chicken Teriyaki with Apple and Ginger Sauce, Chicken Rice, Potato Salad and a dessert all themed around Wispy Woods from the Kirby games. The new menu, alongside this and the rest of the meals currently on offer, a new Wispy Woods-themed curry plate, a hot dog served in a ceramic Kirby which is eating the sandwich, soup pasta, and cheese toast, a friends heart cocktail and more.

In terms of merchandise, alongside the t-shirts, hand towels, clear files and more, there will be a wide range of new pieces of merchandise available once the restaurant re-opens. Mascot plushes, chef Kirby ceramic cups and salad bowls, phone cases, battery packs and more will be made available. This is a major change from the current selection on offer since, aside from the Kirby Cafe t-shirt, large plushes and a rather nice yellow bag, the selection of special Kirby Cafe goods is rather lacking. With new, smaller plushes and an expansion on the types of goods being offered with this re-opening, there’s a stronger selection of souvenirs for your visit.

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With a new menu and new merchandise set to be introduced, it would be fair to expect that the restaurant will be particularly busy once it reopens. Luckily, you can reserve tables in advance via the cafe’s website. On February 8 at 6 pm, reservations will open for a special reservation-only day on February 26, with reservations for later days also available from this time. The cafe will remain open until at least June 2, 2019.

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