Kirby Café in Tokyo Skytree to Celebrate 27th Birthday Event

Kirby Café in Tokyo Skytree to Celebrate Birthday Event

Whether or not you realize it, our favorite little pink friend Kirby is getting old. This year Kirby, turning 27, is set to face his biggest challenge yet; responsibility and a slew of necessary jobs. Kirby’s old enough at this point to be a dad, and realistically, I think it’s about time he moved out of Sakurai’s attic too. Personal issues aside, however, Kirby can’t get older without a little celebration. Fortunately for the little fella, he just happens to be the face of his own café, and they’re kind enough to throw a little celebration for him.

Kirby Café in Tokyo Skytree to Celebrate Birthday Event

Isn’t that nice? I’d hope by the time I turn 27 I still have someone nice enough in my life to throw me a little party. Taking place at Tokyo Skytree’s own Kirby Café from April 1, the celebrations will run throughout the month leading up to Kirby’s actual birthday on April 27, 2019. There’ll be a number of cute little snacks and your standard themed-café affair, but this year you get to buy yourself gifts for someone else’s birthday.

Probably the biggest highlight of the whole event will be the inclusion of a number of limited-edition birthday goods. These range from cups to bags and pretty much everything that falls between those two very specific items. Just think about it, you’ll forever be able to celebrate Kirby’s 27th birthday; ain’t that a treat?

Of course, this is all taking place to celebrate the 27th-anniversary of the release of Kirby’s Dream Land on Game Boy back in 1992. One of two themed café I hope to actually go to someday, those interested in checking out further information on the festivities of Kirby’s 27th birthday can head over to the not-so-young little dude’s own website.

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