Kirby Cafe’s ‘Perfectly Round Spring Picnic’ Features Cute Sakura-Themed Food Menu for Limited Time

Kirby Cafe's 'Perfectly Round Spring Picnic'

The Kirby Cafe marches on, and a new limited-time ‘Perfectly Round Spring Picnic’ menu could be the cutest addition to the cafe’s lineup of food items to date!

The Kirby Cafe has always had a regularly rotating menu of items that changes with the seasons, with new merchandise also being switched in and out of the store’s offerings on a regular basis in this expensive but fun themed cafe.

Spring always brings with it sakura Starbucks drinks and pink items to every store in the country to celebrate the cherry blossoms and the fresh starts that come every April. For Kirby, Spring is, like every season of the year, rather round, and shaped like a friend.

Multiple new eat-in items (alongside a takeout item that can be enjoyed without a reservation and by those perhaps uncomfortable with the prospect of eating in a restaurant during the COVID era) are on offer in this promotion. The Sakura Dance Temari Sushi is a takeout bento box (with the Kirby-themed box included) that features five cute character- and Spring-themed sushi. Kirby’s Search for Spring is a pink Kirby-shaped rice ball wrapped in a leaf, served with green tea, with a Sakura Latte also on offer, which has enough visible calories in the cream and pink liquid to make me somewhat nervous.

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These menu items are all available in conjunction with the standard eat-in and takeout menus already on offer at the cafe. They also join some newly released merchandise made available in the store this past Friday. With a Spring Picnic-themed menu, wooden plates and cutlery and leather SUICA pass cases and purses, Spring is truly in the air at the Kirby Cafe.

You can visit the Kirby Cafe either at Tokyo Skytree or in Hakata in Fukuoka, with these items available at both stores. Takeout items don’t require a reservation, but if you wish to eat in, you will need to reserve a spot over at Kirby Cafe’s official website .

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