Kirby Cafe Unveils its Brand-New Summer Menu

It feels like only yesterday that we spoke about the Kirby Cafe’s updated Spring menu, yet here we are with a preview of the pink blob’s reinvigorated summer menu. As the sweltering summertime Tokyo heat rises, sometimes you just need to find somewhere to escape, and you could certainly do worse than the Kirby Cafe. A huge range of new food (and brand-new merchandise in the Kirby Cafe store) has been announced for the June revamp, so let’s preview what’s in store for this new update.

While some of the food choices from the current menu will remain available for the summer opening, one of the new courses you can select is called ‘Kirby’s Summer Vacation’. This dish features a chef’s hat-adorning Kirby (or Waddle-Dee if you’d prefer!) sitting inside of a ‘rubber ring’ made of rice, served with pieces of pasta, egg, and mincemeat, alongside a drink. Orders of this meal will allow you to take whichever ceramic mascot you choose home with you afterward, a nice bonus. The Whispy Woods Curry: The Ultimate Choice, on the other hand, other than having the coolest name of all the new additions, is a curry meal with a twist… alongside the order, you will be able to choose one of 4 hot sauces to go with it, each escalating in spiciness. Other than having adorable designs on the bottles, these sauces promise to pack quite a punch, so be careful if you order this one with how much you use. At least you can take home a ceramic mascot as a reward like the previous meal as well.

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When it comes to desserts, another 2 new options will be added to the menu in this summer revamp. The ’Kine Puka Puka Granola Yoghurt’ is, as you would perhaps expect, a granola yogurt dish with a puffer fish swimming in the yogurt. Those who buy this meal can take home the glass dish afterward too, which is a nice bonus. You will also be able to bring home this glass bowl if you order ‘The Thing King Dedede Forgot’, an ice cream dish which recreates King Dedede’s iconic hammer.

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When it comes to drinks, 3 new dishes have been added to the Kirby Cafe’s summer menu. A cocktail based on the Aqua Star from Kirby 64 is one of these options, while the two other options are jar drinks with which you can take the jar away with you after your meal, ‘Fruity Forest’ and ‘Ice Mug Heat’.

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Of course, the Kirby Cafe doesn’t only allow you to sample some Kirby-themed food, and you don’t even need to have a reservation to access the Kirby Cafe store, where brand new merchandise will be made available for the new summer renewal. These include a tropical glass, a Chef Kawasaki plush, as well as a bag and pancake set which includes pancakes of 4 different flavors.

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Even without playing a Kirby game it’s difficult not to fall in love with this loveable pink blob, and with the cafe receiving an updated summer menu and extending its opening period throughout the peak tourism period of the summer, it seems like now is as good a time as any to visit the cafe, located right next to Tokyo Skytree. You need to plan such a visit well in advance, however, since the reservations run out fast. This current opening period until June 2nd had sold out for all dates and times until that date when I tried in vain to book a table for myself and a friend… all the way back in March.

Reservations for the Kirby Cafe for this new summer menu for between June 11th and July 31st will open on May 15th at 6 pm. If you plan to visit between either of these dates, it would be best to book for these seats as soon as possible. You can find more information over on the cafe’s official website.

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