Kirby Cafe Shares Their Upcoming Winter Treats

Kirby Cafe Winter Top

I am a huge Kirby fan. I have Kirby figures, cups, blankets, plushes, LINE themes, LINE stickers, you name it. Living in Tokyo also gives me the benefit of being able to go to the Kirby Cafe and each season, they have a new menu which shop goers can indulge on. This winter is no different, the Kirby Cafe has outlined all of the new items that are coming to their menu on November 11th. As with each seasonal reset, there are not only delicious food options to choose from, but there are also physical items that you can purchase to feed that emptiness in your stomach for more Kirby goods.

Kirby Cafe Interior

As with each season, the Winter reset brings a number of new menu items that you can drool over complete with Kirby’s iconic cuteness. This Winter, the Kirby Cafe has added a number of food items such as the Winter Kirby Burger with Clam Chowder, The Fluffy Kirby Beef Stew Pie, The Piping Hot Snowy Hamburg Steak, among others. Each of the items that they have added to the menu this Winter are of course Winter themed and also feature Kirby and his typical adversaries dressed up in Winter clothing such as gloves, snow boots, and scarves. It’s really too cute. There are also physical items with the Winter theme that you can purchase such as plates, cups, mugs, hand sanitizer, as well as a number of other items.

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The Kirby Cafe Winter menu is still about a week away, starting on November 11th, but as with all of the special character-themed cafes, it is ALWAYS a good idea to make a reservation to ensure that you have a seat if you’re looking to hit up the Tokyo Skytree so you can also visit the Kirby Cafe. Without a reservation, it’s highly unlikely that you will be able to get in.

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