Kirby to Become an Ice Cream Cake in Namco Arcade Pupupu Diner Collaboration

Kirby Ice Cream Collaboration

Kirby’s had quite a busy year in 2018. They received a brand new game with the release of Kirby Star Allies on Nintendo Switch, the Kirby Cafe, which originally opened for a limited time in 2016, reopened within Tokyo Skytree in September, and now they’re set to receive their own ice cream sandwich that is being made by Cold Stone Creamery.

Kirby Ice Cream Collaboration

Unusually, this isn’t going to be an ice cream you can walk into a shop and buy, or one where you can get it in a themed cafe, or even one of the various Cold Stone Creamery stores dotted around Japan. Instead, these ice creams will only be available in a variety of Namco Arcades around the country as part of the ‘Kirby Campaign: Pupupu Diner in Namco’ event which is due to start in a few days time. The description of the ice cream does make it sound like something you’ll want to try for yourself, though.

This ice cream sandwich contains Sweet Cream Ice Cream with diced strawberries mixed into the ice cream itself. Each of the sandwiches are colored pink with a Kirby Pupupu Diner illustration printed onto the top. Personally, as someone who loves strawberries and who loves ice cream (and who thinks Kirby is very cute), this is something I’d love to get the chance to try for myself.

As mentioned before, this is part of a wider Kirby campaign being held at Namco arcades, with special prizes being introduced to change game machines for a limited time during the event. These include Pupupu Diner Kirby plush toys, cutlery sets, cups, smaller keychain plushes and, if you use the Namco Point mobile application to spend 500 yen or 1000 yen on a crane game machine, you will receive a coupon for a limited edition sticker or a code to enter a lottery for a Pupupu Kirby blanket.

Although some of the prizes will be available from December 2, the ice cream sandwich will not be available until December 7. For a full look at the ice cream sandwich and all things related to the Namco Arcade Pupupu Diner collaboration event and the ice cream Kirby sandwich, you can visit the official website for the campaign or Cold Stone Creamery’s website.

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