This Kirby Sukajan Is an Absolute Essential for Any Wardrobe

There’s nothing I appreciate more in this world than a flawless crossover between the worlds of gaming/anime culture and fashion — and I’m not talking about Hot Topic t-shirts when I say this. What the team at Gray Parka Service, in collaboration with HAL Laboratory, have managed to create transcends that stereotype, all while creating a genuinely incredible piece of clothing made available at a more-than reasonable price point. I’m talking of course, about their recent “Kirby Super Deluxe” sukajan.


In celebration of our adorable pink best friend’s 25th anniversary, we find ourselves blessed with this incredible testimony to video gaming history. The sukajan craze has been ridiculous over the past couple of years, and that makes this the perfect time for both Gray Parka and HAL Laboratory to capitalize on it all. Featuring the same design showcased on the original 1996 SNES cartridge on the rear of the jacket, as well as some adorable in-game sprites on the front, it’s difficult to imagine my wardrobe without this.

Priced at 6,800 yen, the piece will be available in standard Japanese S, M, and L sizes and is listed as a unisex article of clothing. It’ll be available November 30 online and is set to be available for order from September 9 at select locations. Further information will be available from the store’s official website, here.

Will you be picking up one of these Kirby sukajan? What are your thoughts on this “recent” crossover between the worlds of fashion and anime/gaming? I know I’m more than excited by it, and can’t wait to pick up one of these pieces for myself as soon as possible.

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