Kiryu Coco Is Pulling out All of the Stops Before Her Graduation

Kiryu Coco return of Asacoco

Faced with the prospect of her graduation, you might think that Kiryu Coco would be down in the dumps. Even so, that couldn’t be further from the truth: she’s pulling out all of the stops and streaming more than ever ahead of 1 July.

It’s worth noting that Coco wasn’t exactly inactive on her channel before. There usually was something new going up every day, bar a couple of days taken off here and there for vacation. Yet, even that pales in comparison to the sheer amount of content she’s been pumping out as of late: not only was there a stream every day in the week following her graduation announcement on 9 June, she’s also been killing it with collaborations.

Her list of hololive collaborators also includes some long-awaited faces. Amelia Watson finally made her appearance on Sunday in the ‘Reddit Shitpost Review,’ which was an absolute blast. She joined Mori Calliope, Shirakami Fubuki, and Tsunomaki Watame for some Mario Party fun on Monday, while her upcoming debut on Takanashi Kiara’s talk show HoloTalk is long overdue for someone who has influenced the company and its culture so much.

That being said, probably the most exciting part of Coco’s schedule for the upcoming week is the return of her morning news show, Asacoco. As of the time of writing, it hasn’t started yet, but will mark the first time since July 2020 that the show has been carried out in its own segment (it did form one part of the 1 million subscriber celebrations). Considering that this is what arguably made Coco popular in the first place, it’s great to have it back.

What’s more, in each one of these livestreams, there is not one hint of melancholy or depression in Coco’s demeanor. In fact, she appears to be in higher spirits than ever, determined to give her character the best possible send-off. To a certain extent, this is unexpected.

The point of using the word ‘graduation’ is not just to avoid the scary word ‘leaving,’ but also to make the process of leaving as painless as possible. Much like a student’s exit from school, it is meant to be a moment for new beginnings, not moping on the past.

With any luck, Kiryu Coco’s activities leading up to her graduation can fill her viewers with the optimistic hope that even once she’s gone, she’ll be fine.

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