KISADORI Embodies Net-RNB on Latest ‘Don’t Box Me In’

Kisadori Does Modern RNB Justice on 'Don't Box Me In'

KISADORI is a true resident of Tokyo’s bubbling underground. She’s been dropping music for a few years now while juggling modeling on the side, but up until now, she’s yet to blow up in a huge way. To describe the attitude KISADORI pursues her career with, you need only look at her Instagram account which simply reads ‘#BASSMUSIC #EMO’ — if that isn’t the wildest combination of hashtags, I don’t know what is. Over the years that she’s been releasing music under the KISADORI moniker, she’s generally stuck to the former of those two hashtags; an aspiring EDM-esque vocalist who presents clear passion to unfortunately modest results. But maybe that all came down to pairing, because her latest soulful single ‘Don’t Box Me In” has really won me over.

While posted on her main account, KISADORI’s latest track also comes under the new moniker ‘ksdr in multiverse’. Whether that’s an upcoming release or side project, I’m not sure; but I’ll be keeping my eye on her more from now on. In a sentence, you could call ‘Don’t Box Me In’ a modern RNB pop song with some EDM stylings on the beat. Typically, that’s not my bag, especially from an artist who I’ve appreciated the energy more than the final product from in that past. Here though, she employees a triplet flow on the pre-chorus that works as an excellent build-up for the more outwardly EDM chorus that pairs so well with her crooning ‘Don’t box me iiiin’.

By slowing things down though, KISADORI — or ksdr in multiverse — has struck onto something. I first encountered her when she made a surprise appearance at Haru Nemuri’s incredible one-man live last spring. While I wasn’t certain of the place KISADORI held performing together with Haru Nerumi, the artist wasted no time in bringing down the house with just a few tracks. My interest was piqued, but unfortunately, KISADORI had gone some time without releasing a new track — until now.

I’m definitely hoping to see more music of this quality and maybe a full release from ksdr in multiverse soon.

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