Kizuna AI Releases “AIAIAI (feat. Yasutaka Nakata)” Music Video

Kizuna AI Releases

It was literally just the other day I found myself writing about the exciting release of Kizuna AI and Yasutaka Nakata’s incredible “AIAIAI”, yet here I am revisiting the topic. Logging onto YouTube this afternoon proved particularly exciting, a quick glance through my feed showed that Kizuna AI was about to premiere a new video. Before even checking what it was, I immediately clicked on the thumbnail. Well, it turns out that video was the premiere for an accompanying music video to “AIAIAI”, and looking at the current landscape of Virtual YouTubers and their typical music videos, this was definitely a sight to behold.

There’s a lot to say about this music video, but perhaps most prominently, we see a playful blend of both Kizuna AI’s virtual existence with a number of real-world performers matched with some very Yasutaka Nakata visual designs. It’s as vibrant as you’d expect for a song like “AIAIAI”, and Kizuna AI’s character model has really been cleaned up for this performance. With everything placed all together, and seeing everything in motion, nothing about this feels out of place, and it’s honestly quite entrancing to see just how smooth this all really plays out. It’s a little different than the aesthetic that I’m sure most of Kizuna AI’s fans out here in Japan would usually go for, but at the same time, it really does match the evolution of Kizuna AI that we’ve been seeing.

Available now on Kizuna AI’s official YouTube channel, and for streaming on all major platforms, “AIAIAI (feat. Yasutaka Nakata)” is definitely not a song to sleep on. For those interested in checking out further information on Kizuna AI, be sure to head over to the Virtual YouTuber’s official website. We’ll be seeing Yasutaka Nakata take over Los Angeles during OTAQUEST Live with Capsule, and again at OTAQUEST Kick Off with a rare international solo DJ set.

Kizuna AI
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