Kizuna AI Releases Avec Avec Produced Single ‘over the reality’

Kizuna Ai - Over The Reality (Produced by Avec Avec)

Released earlier this week, Kizuna AI began streaming the fourth single from her ongoing several-week project, “over the reality”, which calls on netlabel frequent Avec Avec to bring his hyper-bubbly sounds to a whole new audience.

These last four weeks have proven incredibly interesting for the net-music scene, and the trend isn’t looking to slow down any time soon — especially not if Kizuna AI has anything to say about it. Calling on a steadily-growing roster of talent, one that now has seen NOR, Yunomi, and most recently Avec Avec enlisted, we’re witnessing a number of sides to Kizuna AI that I honestly could have never seen coming.

From the futurecore sounds of NOR’s “Hello,Morning” to the bubbly sounds of “over the reality”, it’s exciting to see that Kizuna AI is giving these talents a largescale platform to showcase their sounds, while also giving them the freedom to accurately represent themselves. Avec Avec is a name that everyone deserves to know, and whether it’s for their solo work or their work with musician Seiho on Sugar’s Campaign, you definitely should find yourselves accustomed to them soon.

Those interested in checking out even more from the ongoing Kizuna AI musical project, be sure to check out our archives for even more information, here.

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