Kizuna AI Releases Latest Single ‘Mirai’ Produced by Taku Takahashi

Kizuna AI Releases Latest Single 'Mirai' Produced by Taku Takahashi

Just over a week out from Kizuna AI’s debut live performance, we’re finally reaching the climax of the Virtual YouTuber’s incredible weekly music releases, and what a wild ride its been. From start to finish, we’ve seen some of the greatest trackmakers Japan has to offer brought onto the scene to produce a slew of out of this world tracks for Kizuna AI to work with. Now we’re finally seeing what might just be the final release from this series, with Kizuna AI calling on Taku Takahashi to produce her latest single, “Mirai”. In what might just be Kizuna AI’s most emotional release to date, Taku Takahashi goes above and beyond in delivering an extremely polished package that is sure to be receiving plenty of replays.

Currently available on most major music streaming services, the latest single is set to “premiere” on Kizuna AI’s official YouTube channel roughly three hours from the time of writing. Though it might seem like I’ve got a bit of bias about this track, I really do mean it when I say that this is one of my favorite Kizuna AI releases to date, and definitely a fitting send-off for the project that has spanned the course of several weeks. Much like every single other release from Kizuna AI since the project started, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is quick to top the iTunes Electronic chart in Japan.

With Kizuna AI set to take over both Zepp Tokyo and Zepp Osaka on December 29 and December 30 respectively, we can expect to see the Virtual YouTuber bringing each of these releases to new heights with a blend of both audio and visuals that are likely only going to be seen at her live shows. We’ll definitely be trying to make our way over there, and you can expect full coverage if we manage to get our hands on one of those elusive tickets. Until then, however, be sure to keep updated with all things Kizuna AI via our extensive archive, as well as her official website.

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