Kizuna AI Releases Debut Single ‘Hello, Morning’, Produced by NOR

There’s a running joke amongst certain groups here in Japan that you can no longer be a talent without the industry trying to twist your arm into becoming a singing, dancing idol of some sort. Apparently, this rule extends beyond the mortal plane as well, applying also to Virtual YouTubers, and most notably, the most popular of them all Kizuna AI. Having recently cracked the 2 million subscriber mark on YouTube, there’s certainly reason for celebration — so how about doing so with a song titled “Hello, Morning” produced by the incredible NOR.


Originally announced during Kizuna AI’s birthday event just a couple of short weeks ago, the Virtual YouTuber’s debut single “Hello, Morning” is finally here. It’s interesting, you’d definitely expect it given that NOR produced the song, but this track is kind of a total club banger. According to Kizuna AI’s posts following the release announcement, the Virtual YouTuber spent time collecting all of her thoughts to put them together into the lyrics for the song.

Available now via literally every platform conceivable, so it seems, you can check out Kizuna AI’s debut single, here.

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