Kizuna AI Releases Latest Single ‘miracle step’ Produced by Nor

Kizuna Ai -Miracle Step (Produced by Nor)

Since Kizuna AI first burst onto the music scene in July of 2018 with her breakthrough debut release “Hello, Morning” it was clear to see the direction that the Virtual YouTuber was heading. There was no questioning her musical talent, but paired with the incomparable production talents of Nor, she felt truly untouchable. From then we’ve seen Kizuna AI pair up with a number of different musical talents, including Yunomi and Avec Avec, which ultimately brings us back to where it all started. For this weeks Kizuna AI release, we see Nor return for the hyper-bubbly “miracle step”.

The latest track is a little more toned down than Nor’s previous production work on “Hello, Morning”, but ultimately hits just as many sweet notes. Full of glistening highs and delicate lows, the two’s work never fails to amaze, ultimately leaving us desperate for more. Fortunately for us, we generally don’t have to wait long for more, given Kizuna AI’s current once-a-week release schedule, but you get where I’m going with this. There are still four tracks set to be released, and we know that during that time we’ll see production from Taku Takahashi, TeddyLoid, De De Mouse, and MATZ, which leaves a whole lot to be excited about.

We’ve been providing a whole lot of coverage on Kizuna AI these last few weeks, which is seemingly a trend that isn’t going to slow down any time soon. With Kizuna AI continuing to expand her brand beyond the confines of her YouTube origins, it’ll be exciting to see where she ends up in the near future. Until then, be sure to check out our full archives for even more news on Kizuna AI, here.

Kizuna Ai / upd8 Music
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