Kizuna AI Shares “melty world” Produced by TeddyLoid

Kizuna AI - melty world (prod. TeddyLoid)

Virtual YouTuber and all-around digital royalty Kizuna AI has been killing it these past few weeks, dropping hit after hit while offering some genuine exposure to a number of Japan’s modern-day electronic music legends. This week was absolutely no exception, with Kizuna AI calling on the incredible production talents of TeddyLoid for her latest single “melty world” which released via her YouTube account Friday night in Japan. Leaning into a more EDM-centric sound than Kizuna AI’s previous releases, “melty world” is basically the exact type of sound you’d expect TeddyLoid to piece together for this collaboration in the best possible way.

There’s an undeniable level of quality to TeddyLoid’s vocal-processing ability, with “melty world” being one of the first songs from Kizuna AI that truly sounds like a pop song you’d hear either at a festival or on the radio. When it comes to lyrics, these might also be some of Kizuna AI’s most accessible and catchy — a fact especially bolstered by the inclusion of English-language subtitles.

While it’s yet to be confirmed, it seems highly likely that Kizuna AI would be working on some sort of compilation album/EP featuring all of the previously released songs. This leaves me wondering, however, just how well “melty world” will fit in with the previously-released songs in terms of straight compilation playback. It’s a great song, don’t get me wrong, but it’s absolutely nothing like the previous releases sonically. Another question I have is why the releases skipped over the letter “A”, which is presumably being produced by Taku Takahashi, in their otherwise back-to-back releases of singles looking to spell out “Kizuna AI” on the single jackets. Whatever the reason is though, we absolutely still have that to look forward to as well.

With just one more release left before Kizuna AI’s massive upcoming performances at both Zepp Tokyo and Zepp Osaka in late-December, it’ll be more than exciting to see the visual-audio spectacular that is likely being put together for the event. We’ve provided plenty of coverage on the whole spectacle over the last couple of months, with even more details available via Kizuna AI’s official website.

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