Kizuna AI Offers up “the MIRACLE” to Listeners, With Help From Mizuno Yoshiki and Yunomi

Kizuna AI

Odds are you find yourself stuck at home at this instance, or you are probably getting ready to spend a significant chunk of time holed up in your residence. It’s a weird world we find ourselves in! Keeping entertained during these periods of self-isolation is critical, and one creator continuing to deliver a steady stream of content to the world is virtual YouTuber Kizuna AI. She continues to upload videos finding her playing the role of a bartender and getting spooked by video games. Plenty courtesy of the country’s top virtual idol to hold you over.

That includes a new song, “the MIRACLE,” featuring dual production from Mizuno Yoshiki and Yunomi. It’s the latest musical number to come from AI, who has worked with a wide variety of creators from Japan’s electronic community to construct a bubbly electro-pop sound. No deviations here, as the pair build her a number that builds up to a big digi release right in her wheelhouse. Watch the video below.

The one swerve offered up by “the MIRACLE” is a bit more room for drama. Up until now, AI’s songs skipped along from the opening note, opting for a continuous bounce that only grows more ecstatic at the chorus. This time, everything before the hook unfolds at a pace that almost dips into ballad territory, complete with space for AI to deliver vocals eyeing the sky and strings surrounding her. It’s just as much a surprise coming from the producers working on it, especially Yunomi, who tends to favor a swifter style. 

This isn’t Kizuna AI trying to become Ayumi Hamasaki, however. After all that lift, “the MIRACLE” gives itself over to a busier hook far more fitting for the virtual YouTuber (and the artists building the track). She shows some new tricks here, but still knows what she does best. Which, at a strange moment like this, is for the best. 

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