KMNZ Is Getting the Reebok Touch Up

KMNZ X Reebok Promo Art

Fashion companies have been impeccably busy ensuring that being a geek stays chic. Brands like Adidas and Atmos have embraced the otaku aesthetic by incorporating popular anime and video games into their shoes. Now that VTubers (and their feet, apparently) have become mainstays on the World Wide Web, it’s fitting that the fashion world would integrate the digital avatars into their streetwear. And what better way to do so than to feature the hip-hop VTuber duo KMNZ?

The duo’s members Liz and Lita are bringing their feline charm onto a new line of Reebok shoes and sweatshirts. This collaboration will revolve around the fashion concept MASTERPIECE, and mark the first KMNZ collab with a fitness fashion brand. The sneakers, known as CLUB C FVS KMNZ, will have the KMNZ logo in rubber form towards the top, while the sweatshirts, CL PVT SWT KMNZ, have the KMNZ logo embroidered on the front and back. Both the sneakers and the sweatshirts come in black and white, offering a minimalistic, hip style.

KMNZ X Reebok Shoes KMNZ X Reebok Shirts

KMNZ is of course a very popular VTuber duo, and this was proven once more when pre-orders started. The first pre-order run was supposed to run from today to 1 April, where the first 150 customers would then participate in a lottery to receive a special sticker to commemorate the collaboration. Pre-orders for the sneakers and shirts sold out in just a few hours, with a new sale planning to begin tomorrow. A virtual pop-up shop, the Reebok KMNZ, has also become available in VR Chat to coincide with the KMNZ collaboration.

Orders for the KMNZ x Reebok collab can be made on Zozo.jp.

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