KMNZ LITA Releases Tofubeats ‘Suisei’ Cover W/ YACA


We’ve given a fair share of coverage to Virtual YouTuber rap-duo KMNZ in the past, and not without good reason — we’re so in love with their styling in fact that we enlisted them for our upcoming OTAQUEST LIVE show in Osaka. From their breakthrough debut single “Virtual Reality”  produced by Snail’s House to their most recent works, they’ve got an incredible foundation that positions them as some of the most interesting music-focused Virtual YouTubers right now. Only adding to this then, is KMNZ LITA’s cover of tofubeats’ legendary “Suisei feat,Onomatope Daijin”:

Easily one of the most iconic songs in tofubeats’ catalog, “Suisei feat,Onomatope Daijin” regularly remains on repeat in my own playlists to this day. With KMNZ LITA’s cover, the Virtual YouTuber calls on the talents of Virtual Alligator (?) YACA to lend his flow in place of Onomatope Daijin, creating an atmosphere worthy of the KMNZ catalog, while also paying respect to both tofubeats and Onomatope Daijin. While the KMNZ LITA cover of the song does stick to its roots, you may also be familiar with DAOKO’s 2015 sampling of the song with her own take on “Suisei”. 

Fittingly available to stream via KMNZ LITA’s official YouTube channel, we’re excited to see where the duo proceeds next, and especially can’t wait to see even more originals from them. Be sure to catch KMNZ perform live at OTAQUEST LIVE in Osaka next month on December 19, with further information available via the event’s official website.

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