Virtual YouTuber Hip-Hop Duo KMNZ Release ‘Virtual Reality’ Music Video

Virtual YouTuber Rap Duo KMNZ Release 'Virtual Reality' Music Video

I’ve always wondered what the first high-quality Virtual YouTuber music video would look like, and it turns out today would be the day I had that curiosity squashed. And who better to answer my question than Virtual YouTuber hip-hop duo KMNZ, following the release of an all-new music video for their debut single “Virtual Reality”? It’s been several months since its initial release, but the Snail’s House produced track absolutely still slaps, and with today’s release of an official music video, I’ll probably be listening to this one for hours on end.

Shot throughout the ever-changing streets of Shibuya, the music video is far from your traditional lyric-interlaced affair you’d find from a Virtual YouTuber. It’s the perfect blend of virtual and reality, no pun intended, featuring Kamiyado member Ichinose Mika strolling the streets as both KMNZ members Lita and Liz jump between realities and posters while performing.

I really didn’t know what to expect from the first real Virtual YouTuber music video, but this definitely exceeded any and all expectations. The overall playfulness and quality of the video matched with the already infectious sound is a perfect match and something I definitely hope to see explored more as KMNZ continue to release more music in the future.

When it comes to Virtual YouTubers, I’d argue there are few more interesting to me than KMNZ. While there’s definitely a shift for the platform towards music, it’s pretty obvious that both members of KMNZ have been on that pulse since the start. Where they move the music trend in 2019 is still being defined, but this first step is a pretty massive one, and definitely something I’d welcome more of.

There’s absolutely no excuse for sleeping on KMNZ in 2019, and I’m definitely super stoked to see what the duo manage to pull off throughout the year. For those interested in checking out more from KMNZ, be sure to visit the duo’s official website.

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