Popular Mobile Battle Royale ‘KNIVES OUT’ Collaborates with ‘Pop Team Epic’

Popular Mobile Battle Royale Title 'KNIVES OUT' Collaborates with 'Pop Team Epic'

While there’s definitely a following behind Chinese mobile battle royale title KNIVES OUT in Japan, I can never tell just where the title stands within popular culture. On one hand, you’ve got scores of Twitter users calling out the game for basically every reason under the sun. But then, on the other hand, we’re seeing massive collaborations with properties, such as the most recent Pop Team Epic x KNIVES OUT event that began advertisement earlier this month. For those unfamiliar with KNIVES OUT, the game is probably best described as the Fortnite of Japan, both in the sense that it is another game that manages to be both universally loved and hated, in addition to the fact that it’s also of the same battle royale genre.

Announced earlier this month, KNIVES OUT has begun an all-new collaboration with Pop Team Epic to bring some of the series most iconic characters and moments into the game’s ruleless world. Recent updates to the game have seen numerous amounts of skins included in the game, as well as changes to in-game items such as vehicles and weapons. It should go without saying, but these items are far from ordinary too, with each piece capturing that awe-striking element of humor you’ve come to expect from Pop Team Epic. The collaboration comes fresh on the heels of the most recent collaboration between both KNIVES OUT and Attack on Titan that took place towards the end of 2018.

Though actual details on the collaboration are somewhat hard to come by, with the official website for KNIVES OUT failing to offer any actual updates on what’s going on, their marketing campaign on Twitter very much showcases that things are in full swing. Right now you really can’t go anywhere in Tokyo without seeing advertisements for KNIVES OUT, whether its Shibuya Crossing or the JR Line train system, it really is everywhere. There’s an undeniable push, and it really does seem to be working in the title’s favor, with the game consistently pushing beyond its competitors here in Japan. The collaboration between the two giants also comes just days after it was revealed that KNIVES OUT earned more than both PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Mobile during 2018, which is honestly quite staggering.

Though it’s not particularly helpful for information, those interested in checking out further information on the title can head over to KNIVES OUT’s official website.

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