(K)NoW_NAME Debuts Fairy Gone Illustration by so-bin

Back in 2016, a special team of musicians were brought together by Toho Animation Records under the name “(K)NoW_NAME“. The idea was that a team of composers, lyricists and vocalists would be able to create shows where the soundtrack, in particular, stood out more so than anything else. Some of the individuals that work as a part of this group are Makoto Miyazaki, composer of One-Punch Man, R.O.N, composer of FLCL Progressive and Alternative and singer-songwriter NIIKIE.

So far, the team has collaborated on the soundtrack for Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash and Sakura Quest. But what’s particularly special about this group is that they have their own illustrator signed on to create album covers and any other special illustrations. In this case, it’s Overlord illustrator so-bin.

(Left: Grimar of Fantasy and Ash, Right: Sakura Quest)

so-bin’s art is one of the best parts of Overlord and it even makes the announcement that (K)NoW_NAME will be involved in a project all that more exciting. His Pixiv is filled with plenty of detailed character art. So when Toho Animation announced Fairy Gone, so-bin’s new illustration for the series was the one big thing I was looking forward to, as it seemed to fit his style the most out of all of the (K)NoW_NAME projects he’s worked on. And it absolutely wasn’t a disappointment.

If they were trying to create a soundtrack cover that makes you want to buy it, regardless of how good the music even is, they’ve definitely achieved that. The designs themselves are striking enough, but the flames and burning flags make it particularly attractive.

Fairy Gone will be debuting in April. To get an early listen to (K)NoW_NAME’s work on the series, their opening to the show (vocals by Ayaka Tachibana) is teased in the first trailer.

Five Fairy Scholars/Fairy Gone Project
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