LOTTE Announces Koala’s March With Pokémon Snacks

Koalas March with Pokemon TOP

I’m not too much of a fan of sweets, but there is one specific snack that I absolutely love, and that is LOTTE’s Koala’s March series of snacks. The pastry shell with the sweet chocolate inside is a perfect blend of deliciousness that I like to indulge in every once in a while. Today, they announced a new collaboration that I could have never seen coming but makes complete sense: a collaboration with Pokémon.

Koalas March with Pokemon Package

Fittingly named ‘Koala’s March with Pokémon’, the snack has a plethora of designs that you can come across while enjoying the snack. Manufacturer LOTTE had the following to say about the product:

The crunchy cookies are filled with moo-moo milk-like cheesecake-flavored chocolate, similar to the one that appears in Pokémon.

The Pokémon cookies have their names written on them, and you can enjoy the Pokémon shiritori game with your family and friends by lining up the cookies.

There are 48 different designs of Koala and 48 different designs of Pokémon! Collect all 96 types!

Shiritori Game | Pokemon

With ninety-six different designs to come across in the series, you could only imagine how long it would take to uncover them all and just how many packages of Koala’s March with Pokémon that you would have to consume. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, and for people that like to say they did something just to say they did it, this is quite the undertaking.

The Koala’s March with Pokémon series of snack releases today across all of Japan, so if you’re in the country, you can probably find them at your local convenience store or even somewhere like Don Quijote. I wouldn’t be surprised if places in the United States like Mitsuwa, Marukai, or even Nijiya Market stock these as well, just based on how popular the original snack is.

LOTTE, The Pokémon Company
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