SNK Releases Trailer Featuring Meitenkun From The King of Fighters XV

MEITENKUN from The King of Fighters XV

A few weeks back, we shared the news of SNK announcing and showing off a bit of its upcoming The King of Fighters XV. Today, we got to take a look at one of the characters that they will be bringing to the new title! The YouTube video that was shared on the developer’s official YouTube channel features none other than the powerful Meitenkun from The King of Fighters XIV.

If you’re not familiar with The King of Fighters or haven’t seen Meitenkun before, here is a bit of info about him directly from the developer:

A young fighter who always looks sleepy with a pillow in his arms. Along with Shun’Ei, he trains under Master Tan Hu Lu. His fighting style is called ‘Eight Extremes Sleepy Fist’ named by Tan. He is said to be Tan’s secret weapon, and possesses a vast amount of energy.

I think it goes without saying that The King of Fighters XV is seeming to be shaping up quite well. The game looks absolutely beautiful and the character animations look really fluid. The way that SNK is making the transition from 2D sprites to 3D polygons is certainly no walk in the park, and the developer is doing a fantastic job. They stated that they wanted to take as much time as they needed to ensure that they were paying attention to all the small details, and it really shows that they’re putting their all into this.

Meitenkun from The King of Fighters XV

With the announcement of Meitenkun, we’re on the way to hopefully seeing a complete release date and platform for The King of Fighters XV sooner rather than later. SNK has said that they will be providing more information next week, so we’ll see what they have in store for us in the future.

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