KOHH Collaborates With Monster Energy For “i think i’m falling”, Full Video April 23

KOHH Collaborates With Monster Energy For

Out of all the collaborations coming out of Japan recently, this one between KOHH and Monster Energy makes sense. Having worked with the likes of American legend Frank Ocean, as well as best-selling artist Utada Hikaru, KOHH’s been on the international level for some time. He’s partnered with Monster Energy to promote their upcoming Pipeline Punch flavor and his upcoming single “i think i’m falling”. A thirty-second clip of the ‘movie’ can be streamed on KOHH’s youtube channel. The full version of the movie and the song will drop on April 23.

While KOHH’s been active since 2008, the 2015 international jam “It G Ma” spearheaded by Korea’s Keith Ape brought him worldwide attention. However, this Pipeline Punch video couldn’t present an image anymore different than the codeine fury of that joint. It’s a laid back tune with a hook that goes ‘I think i’m falling love with you’ as we get shots of palm trees, big waves, and what we hope is a sweet new Monster Energy flavor. Lightheartedness aside, “i think i’m falling” may end up being the perfect summer jam.

Monster Energy isn’t a stranger to working with and promoting musicians, even in Japan. They’ve worked with emo all stars coldrain, the extremely mainstream Man With A Mission, and the all-around legendary Maximum The Hormone. The move with KOHH rings as strategic, but if it can help push him to even further audiences, why not? The music’s still good and it’s not like you have to go out and buy something called ‘Pipline Punch’ if you don’t want to.

KOHH’s full video with Monster Energy for “i think i’m falling”, as well as the track itself, will come out on April 23. Pipeline Punch quote unquote debuted earlier this year.

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