KOHH Shares Full Music Video for Latest “I Think I’m Falling” Single

KOHH Shares Full Music Video for Latest

KOHH is absolutely killing it in 2019, and if his latest “I Think I’m Falling” single is anything to go by, he’s got an incredibly bright rest of the year ahead of him. While I find myself falling in love with his music all over again, it’s looking like KOHH’s got his eyes on someone else — an interest showcased in full blossom throughout the duration of the “I Think I’m Falling” music video. Originally showcased as part of a tie-in with Monster Energy’s new “Pipeline Punch” energy drink, I’m definitely excited that the full video is finally here. Made available this week, the full music video was uploaded to KOHH’s official YouTube channel. Let’s check it out below:

When KOHH surprise dropped his latest album “UNTITLED” out of nowhere earlier this year, it caught all of us off-guard. That’s always been KOHH’s style though; constantly pushing boundaries and leaving us blown away. When we saw the full music for “I Want A Billion” drop just earlier this month, a rock ballad featuring Taka of ONE OK ROCK fame, it saw a new style flawlessly executed by KOHH who made his international impact with the release of Keith Ape’s IT G MA”. Now, with the release of “I Think I’m Falling”, we again see KOHH tackle a totally new sound and pull it off excellently. Gliding through dreamy beats and catchy hooks, “I Think I’m Falling” really does have the potential to be a Summer anthem for 2019.

Available now for streaming via YouTube, as well as all major music services, you can check out further information on KOHH’s latest “I Think I’m Falling” music video via its official website.

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