Kohh Releases Full 360 Degree Video For ‘I Want A Billion’

KOHH’s had quite a busy week. A few days ago, he dropped a teaser video for his collaboration with Monster Energy for a new track “i think i’m falling” which has that easy going summer vibe. Today, he released the full video for “I Want A Billion” after releasing a clip in February, which could not be a more different song. The track comes from his surprise release from earlier this year “Untitled”. Taka from J-Rock superstars One Ok Rock features on the track lending additions vocals and guitar. Filmed in full 360 degrees, the video has an interactive element; You can click a directional pad to see KOHH and his different on point fits from all sorts of angles. Try it below!

While the 360 degree component may seem gimmicky at first glance and honestly doesn’t translate super well to watching on a 2d screen, the MV wasn’t originally made for youtube. The “I Want A Billion” video first screened in a custom installation at Japan’s most famous fashion tower, Shibuya 109. There, you could see the video projected in all directions at once. While that’s probably the optimal way to see it, it’s cool they eventually uploaded it to the internet for mass consumption.

I Want A Billion’s” PV mostly features KOHH and Taka doing their thing, there’s also multitudes of different robots, or maybe cyborgs, roaming about. One has an exposed breast, another sure looks a lot like a certain cop made from robotic parts. The track itself is a doozy. Honestly, it sounds straight up like a Linkin Park song with bits of Nirvana thrown in for good measure. Good on KOHH for being willing to experiment with all sorts of different sounds and making it work.

KOHH’s Untitled has been out since February.

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