KOHH Drops Latest Album “UNTITLED” Out of Nowhere, Releases Worlds First MX4D VR Music Video at Shibuya 109

KOHH Drops Latest Album

KOHH is a name I absolutely haven’t given enough love to on this website, but that’s something that’ll be changing from today. No better time to make that change either, especially given KOHH is pulling some very big moves at the moment. Seemingly out of nowhere, the Tokyo-based rapper dropped details on his new album “UNTITLED”, which is set to drop within the next 24 hours. Not just that, but KOHH also made history today by bringing to life the worlds first VR MX4D experience which is currently set up outside Shibuya 109 to showcase his latest music video for “I Want a Billion feat. Taka(ONE OK ROCK)”.

The music video is technically just a 34-second preview of the VR MX4D experience KOHH is running at the moment over at Shibuya 109, but I’m still gonna appreciate it for what it is. Those who make their way over to what KOHH is dubbing the “UNLOCK EVERY DIMENSION” experience between February 1 until February 7 will possibly be the only people in the world to get to check out the full video, but who knows. With today being the first day of the “UNLOCK EVERY DIMENSION” experience, shots from the experience took no time at all to make it online:

Set to be his first album in two and a half years, KOHH’s upcoming fifth studio album “UNTITLED” is basically coming out of nowhere with a February 2 release date here in Japan. With a total of ten tracks, the albums jacket and full tracklist can be seen below:

KOHH Drops Latest Album "Untitled." Out of Nowhere, Releases Worlds First MX4D VR Music Video at Shibuya 109

  1. ひとつ
  2. Imma Do It
  3. I Want a Billion feat. Taka (ONE OK ROCK)
  4. Fame
  5. まーしょうがない
  6. いつでも
  7. Okachimachi
  8. Leave Me Alone
  9. I’m Gone
  10. ロープ

With KOHH making some pretty major moves internationally over the past year, especially alongside frequent collaborator 88rising, I’m pretty pumped to see how the world reacts to “UNTITLED”. For those interested in checking out further information, be sure to check out the album’s official website.

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