Kojima Productions Takes to Twitter for 5th Anniversary

Logo for Kojima productions 5th anniversary

Kojima Productions has taken to social media to celebrate their 5th anniversary, and they have a few things to share with us fans and gamers. The studio has released one title and if you ask me (and only me it seems) it was kind of a dud. Tons of hype around it, but Death Stranding just didn’t hit the mark for me. That’s hopefully about to change, because the studio lead by possibly one of the biggest names in gaming, has upped the hype for the studio’s future.

For starters, they thanked everyone who supported them over the last five years. The studio started with four members and a dream to create quality games. Thanks to everyone’s support, they were able to overcome the challenges that got them to where they are today.

Letter from Kojima Productions for 5th Anniversary


An hour later, they released a really neat wallpaper with their LUDENS character front and center. To go hand-in-hand with this, they also released a fairly in-depth interview with Kojima Productions head designer, Koji Shinkawawhere they discuss the origins and the creation of the character and the Kojima Productions logo. To further add to this, they announced a series of Kojima Productions shirts and hoodies which have the LUDENS character on the front of the clothing.

In April of this year, Hideo Kojima was awarded the BAFTA Games Awards most prestigious title, the Fellowship Award. In celebration of the 5th Anniversary of Kojima Productionsthe studio uploaded a video on its official YouTube showing the announcement of the awards all the way through its travel to Japan.

They wrapped up their anniversary by once again thanking everyone for their support and by sharing a short video featuring Kojima himself.

Kojima Productions as a company is still in its infancy and I’m sure with today’s announcements, they’re going to start to grow into their clothes. Hopefully, we’re going to see some pretty neat stuff coming from the company. Kojima has stated in the past that he would like to work on something other than video games. Could we be seeing movies coming from Kojima Productions in the future? Who knows, only time will tell.

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