KOKUMIN-FUKU Announce Collaboration with Virtual Idol Megu Shinonome

KOKUMIN-FUKU (PARK Harajuku & NC EMPIRE) Announce Collaboration with Megu Shinonome

Over the past couple of years, I’ve probably done more research into virtual idols than anything else for OTAQUEST, but it still seems I haven’t even scratched the surface. While we’re all familiar at this point with Virtual YouTubers, it’d appear there’s an entire other sub-group of virtual idols; a group otherwise known as SHOWROOMers. But why do I now know this? Well, it turns out apparel brand KOKUMIN-FUKU is collaborating with Megu Shinonome, one of the more popular virtual talents on the SHOWROOM platform.

For those of you unfamiliar, KOKUMIN-FUKU is the brainchild of both back-alley boutique PARK Harajuku and design collective NC EMPIRE. With their latest collaboration, we see SHOWROOMer Megu Shinonome adopt the brand’s hyper-stylistic look across both apparel and accessories. Though it’s a small drop, I’m sure it’s one that fans of Megu Shinonome will appreciate, especially with how clean both t-shirts look.

Available for pre-order now through March 10, the collection is set to actually drop sometime between March and April 2019. Both shirts are being priced at 4,800 yen, while the mug is being priced at 2,800 yen. While I’ll be totally honest and say I hadn’t checked out Megu Shinonome’s content prior to the writing of this article, I generally trust the taste of both PARK Harajuku and NC EMPIRE, so I’ll be sure to give her a fair go eventually.

For those interested in checking out more from KOKUMIN-FUKU, be sure to check out our full archive for further information. You can also peek more on virtual idol SHOWROOMer Megu Shinonome via her official website, as well as her YouTube channel.

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