Konami Adds More Character Themes to Sound Voltex EXCEED GEAR

Sound Voltex EXCEED GEAR

Now that the newest version of Konami‘s Sound Voltex series, Sound Voltex EXCEED GEAR, has been in Japanese arcades for a couple of months, the updates have been rolling in. A handful of weeks ago they announced that they would add new character theme songs to the EXCEED GEAR based on the winners from the Sound Voltex FLOOR contest.

Sound Voltex EXCEED GEAR New Character Themes

The first three rounds of character themes being added to the game happened on 24 February with six songs being added, 3 March with an additional seven songs, 11 March getting three more songs, and 25 March getting an additional two songs.

Thursday’s update will be giving us four songs more. Those songs are:

  • ‘恋は君のそばでサクラサク’ / 榮田一貴 feat.冬乃桜&永久毎日 (for the character Sobani Sakurako)
  • ‘Enter The Fire’ / Yooh (for the character Sekishi Soul)
  • ‘FEEL THE FORCE’ / brz1128 (for the character Volteizer Maxima)
  • ‘M-O-R-F-I-N-E’ / u-z feat. Murasaki Hotaru (for the character Mysterieux Rouge)

I absolutely love this about the Sound Voltex series: Konami is constantly adding new content for players to enjoy and it really keeps the game ‘alive’. Don’t get me wrong, I still adore beatmania IIDX, but I would like to see more frequent updates for the song list similar to how they do it with Sound Voltex.

The new character songs for Sound Voltex EXCEED GEAR will be available on all VALKYRIE MODEL machines starting at 10 a.m. Thursday morning, 15 April 2021.

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