KONAMI Announces Beat Arena VR Rhythm Game for Oculus Quest

Beat Arena VR Rhythm Game

This news came out of nowhere. When I woke up this morning, I did what I normally do: lay in bed and check my email, read over press releases, check the news back in the States, and catch up on Twitter. It was when I was reading through my Twitter that I came across the announcement from KONAMI that they are releasing a new rhythm game on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 titled Beat Arena, and I gotta say, it looks pretty damn cool.

The title is the newest entry to their BEMANI line of games and their first VR title. Beat Arena has the player teaming up with three other players to create a VR band of sorts. There are four different instruments that you can choose to perform on: Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Keyboard. Each instrument will have different note charts respective to the instrument that you have chosen.

The trailer includes transplant songs from a variety of different BEMANI titles. We still don’t know if Beat Arena will have its own specific songs, but knowing KONAMI, I think you can be sure that this will happen sooner rather than later. The Oculus Store lists the following information about Beat Arena:

Strum, strike, and jam away! Liven up your VR gig! A new KONAMI music game is coming to Oculus Quest! Perform on stage in a band as a pianist, a guitarist, a bassist or a drummer, all in VR!

Includes tons of beloved KONAMI arcade tracks, and new original tunes. Perform your favorite songs from the BEMANI series in VR! You can even create your own custom avatar.

Grab your friends’ play data and enjoy a VR jam session together! Includes score ranking features. Aim for the highest score and find out who’s the best performer amongst your friends!

Beat Arena Rhythm Game

Beat Arena will be hitting Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 on 12 March 2021. The official page lists Japanese and English as language options for the title, but there is no word on if the title will be available in North America as the website currently only lists Japan and Asia.

Taking a look at the Oculus Store website, it states that the game will be available in the following territories: Japan, Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Republic of Indonesia, Kingdom of Thailand, Republic of Singapore, Republic of the Philippines, Malaysia. The only thing that is still left up in the air is the price for the title, but basing it on the store page, the initial app will be free and there will be in-app purchases for songs.

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