Konami Shares “DANCERUSH STARDOM ANTHEM” to Celebrate Game’s Top Players

Konami Shares

When it comes to the world of rhythm games, things can get pretty competitive. But whether it’s smashing some buttons or stomping your feet, you’ve gotta show some appreciation for the best of the best. For the last eight years, Konami has been hosting their annual Konami Arcade Championship (KAC) competition to find the best players across all of their Bemani titles. This year saw DANCERUSH STARDOM enter the fray, Konami’s latest dance-focused rhythm game, drawing quite the crowd. From the KAC we got our top six, and Konami wanted to celebrate their achievements.

Uploaded to Konami’s official YouTube channel, “DANCERUSH STARDOM ANTHEM” is a Kors K-produced, Ranze Fukushima-featured single aimed at celebrating these players achievements. With a high-energy sound that perfectly captures the energy of DANCERUSH STARDOM, the video features all six finalists as well as both Kors K and Ranze Fukushima. It’s a cool nod to all these top-level players, and the video itself is something entirely new for Konami.

Currently available in-game for a limited time, “DANCERUSH STARDOM ANTHEM” is sure to prove a hit for fans of the game. It’s great to see Konami recognizing their top players like this, and definitely something I’d love to see continued in the future. While it might not be as easy with titles such as Sound Voltex, beatmania IIDX, and Dance Dance Revolution, I can only hope things like this keep emerging.

Those interested in checking out further information on “DANCERUSH STARDOM ANTHEM”, as well as DANCERUSH STARDOM itself, be sure to visit Konami’s official website.

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