Konami Kicks Off BPL Player Support Event

Bemani Pro League

I think that the amount of events that have been happening in beatmania IIDX 28 BISTROVER is far more than any version of IIDX ever. Today Konami kicked off a new event with the Bemani Pro League called the EVERYONE SUPPORT! BPL Pro Player Supporters Event where players can support their favorite teams and players and even earn content to use in-game.


The event works like similar previous events where each play of a game earns you a specific number of support points where you can choose to place them on the player of your choosing. The point breakdown is as follows:

Can be earned with each game

  • Play beatmania IIDX – 3 tickets (first time is 5 tickets)
  • Playing with Paseli Premium Start – 3 tickets
  • Playing on a LIGHTNING MODEL Cabinet – 3 tickets
  • Playing in a location owned by the team – 3 tickets
  • Playing Arena Mode – 3 tickets

Can be earned once per day

  • Play the BPL Virtual Match – 3 tickets
  • Play BPL BATTLE Mode – 3 tickets
  • Play the songs in the ‘Recommended’ folder – 2 tickets per song (total of 6 possible per day)
  • Finding a secret Tsujigiri Character – 2 tickets per character (total of 6 possible per day)

Can be earned once per week

  • Participate in the Weekly Ranking – 5 tickets


By earning a specific amount of tickets, you can unlock content related to the team that the players you support play for. The unlocks are as follows;

  • For 30 tickets, you get 100 V-Discs, team lane cover, and a BPL digital item
  • For 50 tickets, you get the BPL player pro card for Card Connect, The team logo to display on your Arena Mode profile, and the theme music to use for your music select theme of the team you support.
  • For 100 tickets, you get 200 V-Discs and the team design frame to customize in-game
  • For 150 tickets, you can enter a drawing for a signed eAmusement pass of the player you support (Japan only)

I think it goes without saying that the theme songs for each team are bangers and I really, really wished that we were going to get to play them in-game, but they have been relegated to being song select theme songs that you can unlock with a specific amount of tickets.

BPL Event 2

The event kicked off today and will run through 13 September 2021. So, if you live near a Round1 location in the world, make sure you hit it up and start earning those tickets.


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