KonoSuba Perfume Lets You Smell Like a Useless Goddess

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In this life, or even in another world, there will always be days when you smell like you’ve been eaten by a giant frog. In cases like that, this new line of KonoSuba perfume might come in handy.

Sure, the isekai concept may get used an awful lot. But I’ve always been a fan of KonoSuba because of its comical approach to the problems of an ordinary guy in a suspiciously RPG-like world of magic and swords.

Sorry to say, there’s no Kazuma cologne in this FairyTail Parfum collection. But there are four character-themed perfumes, depending upon whether you’d rather smell like Aqua, Megumin, Darkness, or Wiz.

First of all, Aqua

KonoSuba Perfume: Aqua

Despite my headline, I actually like Aqua and her antics. Kazuma thought he was being clever by bringing her with him; instead he got the Boke half of a Boke-Tsukkomi routine. At least she’s cute.

KonoSuba Perfume

Her perfume is described as having a ‘refreshing breeze-like citrus, and fruity scent.’ It ‘gradually takes on the sweetness of berries.’ It ends with a final note of sandalwood and amber, which the description notes expresses her hunger, ‘contrary to the cute appearance.’

Explosive Megumin

KonoSuba Perfume: Megumin

The Megumin perfume doesn’t explode. But it does have ‘a sweet and sour scent of cute cassis,’ followed by ‘the quirky scent of cardamom and ginger’ which expresses her pride as a Crimson Demon with ‘a side of chunibyo.’ (The term describes teen delusions of grandeur, as in Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions.) The final notes will envelop you ‘in the warm scent of wood.’

KonoSuba Perfume: Megumin

Appropriately, one of the scents in the Megumin perfume is pomegranate. And they have been known to explode open. The French name for it is grenade. So Megumin does get at least one explosion out of her perfume.

Masochistic Crusader Darkness

KonoSuba Perfume: Darkness

The Darkness perfume features her ‘elegant and noble’ aristocratic side, along with her ‘strong sense of justice and companionship’ and her kinky nature.

It includes citrus, exotic jasmine, and hyacinth on top; the middle contains iris and white musk; and the final note is of patchouli, amber, and vetiver.

KonoSuba Perfume: Darkness

The descriptions all include character quotes, but Darkness is the best: ‘Hah … The men who are sick are excited to smell my scent… I can’t wait!’

Magic Shop Owner Wiz

KonoSuba Perfume: Wiz

Finally, we have the Wiz perfume. It features ‘the refreshing, yet soothing’ notes of bamboo and citrus. Underneath that is lotus and cinnamon, followed by ‘a suspicious atmosphere’ of a lich (which Wiz is).

KonoSuba Perfume: Wiz

It contains Italian citrus, bamboo, pear, lotus flower, cinnamon, French amber, sandalwood, and musk.

All of the perfumes will include a postcard of the character. They are also selling separately a KonoSuba fragrance hand gel set, featuring the same four characters as the perfumes.

KonoSuba Hand Gel

The perfumes were released on Friday, and you can buy them at Amazon Japan. Aqua is here; Megumin here; Darkness here; and Wiz here. You can also find the product page here. Crunchyroll has the series here.

KonoSuba Perfume Lets You Smell Like A Useless Goddess

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