Android52 Flips LADY’S ONLY Club Anthem ‘Digital Tattoo’

LADY'S ONLY - Digital Tattoo (Android52 Remix)

While there were absolutely no shortages of anthems for Tokyo’s club scene during Summer, there was certainly more than a few that stood out — one of which was the incredible “Digital Tattoo” from DJ/Producer unit LADY’S ONLY. While the Summertime might finally be over in Japan (thank god for that), that doesn’t mean we can’t keep a bit of that heat alive, and thankfully German trackmaker Android52 is here to keep us moving with his hyperactive electro remix of “Digital Tattoo”.

Uploaded to Android52’s SoundCloud earlier this week, the remix flawlessly blends both the original sounds of Tokyo’s club music scene with a heavy-hitting German electro influence. Though he came onto the scene both in Japan and internationally with his eclectic anime song flips that he so heavily identified with, we’re seeing a much more original style come into play over these last few months, and I’m completely in love with this direction. Having been a long time fan of his sounds, this natural progression is more than welcome, and this remix of “Digital Tattoo” is a perfect example of what he’s capable of.

Though I thought I was about done hearing “Digital Tattoo” being played out at club events, I can already picture myself going as hard as ever to this remix at any given Shibuya event. The remix is available as a free download via Android52’s SoundCloud account and joins the evergrowing roster of remixes from talents such as Snail’s House, KOTONOHOUSE, and more.

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