One of Japan’s Best Amusement Parks is Collabing with ‘Laid-Back Camp’

When the topic of amusement parks in Japan is brought up, two parks tend to be near the top of everyone’s minds – Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. This is no doubt because of their ties to two massive entertainment empires, and tend to receive most of the marketing bucks. That being said, if you are looking for some other amazing parks with plenty of thrill rides and unusual attractions, then you simply cannot go wrong with the likes of Fuji-Q Highland in Yamanashi Prefecture a bit outside of Tokyo and Nagashima Spa Land, a short distance from Nagoya.

As the name implies, Fuji-Q Highland is located right at the foot of Japan’s most famous mountain — having that beauty ever-present in the corner of your eye while at the park certainly enhances the overall experience. And so, what better place to hist a collaboration event for one of the last season’s hottest shows, which also featured locales near the mountain?

That’s right, from the 28th of this month until May 27, you’ll be able to relax like the girls at Fuji-Q Highland. According to the official news release, the main events taking place at the park include a stamp rally, tasking participants with locating the five members of the camping club in order to fill out their cards, purportedly for a reward. Additionally, the Ferris wheel at the park will be decorated in all manner of Laid-Back Camp art wrappings. If you decide to purchase the more expensive free pass ticket, which gives you access to all the rides in the park without having to pay their individual riding fees, you’ll receive an original clear file folder. Finally, you can expect the usual haul of original collaboration goods and snacks, including the show’s toasted marshmallows.

On the first day of the collaboration, a special anime staff event will be held, featuring the voice actresses for characters Nadeshiko and Chiaki, Yumiri Hanamori and Sayuri Hara respectively. Opening and ending theme song singers Asaka and Eri Sasaki will also be present, so hardcore fans are bound to be in for a laid-back treat. Best of all, the event is free to access unless you want a closer seat, in which case you’ll need to purchase one through Pass Market.

As if the official park collaboration wasn’t enough, many other establishments around Mt. Fuji are holding their own collabs. The Fuji Express Line will see trains decked out in art wrappings as well, and nearby Kawaguchiko station will be selling day-pass style bus tickets that include maps of locales from the show. The Saiko Kohan campgrounds (English information link here) will offer a collaboration camping package that is aimed at first-time campers and includes the ingredients for some of the dishes seen in the anime, like gyoza nabe. And finally, those who purchase tickets for the Narusawa Ice Caverns or a roundtrip bus ticket going to the western base of Mt. Fuji will be able to choose from their favorite original collaboration postcards. Phew… looks like you could spend days in the area and just barely be able to grab all of that laid-back, comfy goodness.

I can’t think of a collaboration event much more majestic than this — Mt. Fuji is truly a wondrous sight to behold, and I’m glad that a simple show about cute girls going camping has sparked so many to get out there themselves.

Images:  あfろ, Houbunsha, Yagai-katsudou Circle, Fuji-Q Highland
Source: Comic Natalie

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