The Legend of Zelda Concerts to be Released on CD and Blu-ray in 2019

The Legend of Zelda Concerts to be Released on CD and Blu-ray in 2019

A few days ago, we reported on the news that the final date of the most recent series of The Legend of Zelda concerts would be streamed live on Nico Nico Douga on December 14. However, that livestream does have some downsides. Firstly, there is a cost barrier to this stream of 2,500 yen (unless you’re a premium member, in which case it’s 1,860 yen), while the stream is also limited to viewers residing in Japan, with international fans unable to watch the concert in any form.

Those people who are unable to watch the livestream due to this need not lose hope, though, as it has since been announced that this concert will see a release on Blu Ray and on a 2-disc live CD in 2019.

Set for release on March 6 next year, the entirety of the upcoming December 14 concert will be released on a special 2-CD collection which should allow attendees and those who were unable to see it themselves to listen to the orchestrated Zelda music whenever they want.

On the same date, a limited edition version of this album will also bundle in a Blu-ray disc containing the entirety of the concert for fans to view in high definition. This will be the same concert as that which is included on the CDs.

The 2-CD set will be released for 3,000 yen, while the limited edition which bundles in a Blu Ray will cost 5,500 yen. The music of the Legend of Zelda series is very close to many people’s hearts with even those who’ve never played a game in the franchise able to recognize its most iconic tracks. Considering the quality of the music itself, it should be a worthwhile release for Zelda fans to experience the music in a new way.

Source: Famitsu

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