New LEGO Mario Series 2 Sets Offer Greater Customization

A New Batch of LEGO Mario Series 2 Sets Are On The Way, Offering Greater Customization

A new batch of LEGO Mario series 2 sets brings a Mario Maker-style flair to the series of LEGO toys by allowing for greater levels of customization to electronic elements and more.

As part of the 35th Anniversary celebrations for Super Mario Bros, a number of collaborations have been announced alongside games such as Super Mario 3D All-Stars. The first Mario LEGO set was released over the summer in a collaboration with the LEGO team under the helm of Jonathan Bennink and Nintendo staff under the helm of veteran Takashi Tezuka. The idea of this set was to recreate the iconic Mario characters in various sets which could be both built up or combined into a board game-like experience.

These new LEGO Mario series 2 toys expand the Super Mario world of LEGO with new tools, power-ups, and characters. The leading set is the ‘Master Your Adventure Maker Set’, which works similarly to the Starter Course, released earlier this year. Unlike that set, however, there’s no recommended build, and it can be used both on its own or with that set to both expand the course and add new features. New bricks can be customized to have different responses that augment the play of the game, while new power-ups have also been included. This set will retail for $59.99, and includes a substantial 366 pieces in total.

A number of expansion sets are also to be released. These include a Chain Chomp jungle set at $19.99, a Piranha Plan puzzle set at $29.99, a poisonous set featuring Wiggler at $39.99, and penguin suit and tanuki suit power-ups that cost $9.99 each. A number of blind bag character packs that include enemies like the Spiny Cheep Cheep, Ninja, Foo, Parachute Goomba, Thwimps and more will be sold for $4.99 each.

Perhaps most surprising of all is the release date. You can expect the already-released Mario LEGO sets to be some of the most popular Christmas gifts this year, and it would make sense to catch the Christmas rush. However, all the series 2 LEGO Mario items will go on sale from 1 January.

We’re sure they’ll be worth the wait.

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